Battle Ages Cheats for android and iOS Gold and Gems!

Battle ages Cheat Tool

Battle Ages Cheats, Tips & Hack for Gold & Gems     New for 2016 the release of Battle ages, this game challenges players to build their very own empire a rag to riches story so to say. Battle ages has been released for both android and iOS devices. You are able to explore different periods of time from the Stone Age to medieval times. You soon find out that no matter what time period you appear in there is still a war to be had. Create your own Clan and rise up the rank in the global leader boards … Continue reading

Angry Shark Cheats Hacks for android ios free coins

angry shark cheat tool

Angry Shark 2016 Cheats, tips and tricks Hack for Coins, Skins, & Levels Unlock     Angry Shark has been lingering on our mobile devices for some time now but yet it still receives constant followings worldwide. It is probably one of the only mobile games that has truly stood the test of time. Why this game is ever so popular, personally I will never know. I guess it’s just down to tons of different factors. Maybe it’s down to simplicity and the fact you can just eat things. Due to its popularity we have now decided to realese our … Continue reading

A Little Lost Cheats, Tips and Hacks Unlimited Gold

A Little lost cheats

A Little Lost Cheats, Tips, and Hacks for Gold and Hearts   There is a well-known game company that is profound for it’s awesome strategy games. That name stands as Goodgame Studios. Some of their big titles you may be aware of our games like Shadow Kings and Empire. Well they have decided it is time to expand on their capabilities and have swapped over to something a bit different. They created a little game called “A Little Lost” the main style change is that fact that it is now a puzzle game. It may come across as a strange … Continue reading